Blue lagoon Lake

Blue lagoon Lake

Kazakhstan has its own Blue Lagoon, however, apart from the one in Island, this lake is not suitable to swim. The greenish color lake is located three northeast from Nur-Sultan on the highway to Kokshetau. The lake recently has become a popular place for photoshoots. Dozens of youth residents of Nur-Sultan come to this lake to take pictures and to share on their social media the beauty of the azure water of the lake. 

According to the local media, the first to discover this unusual place was the model Dinagul Tasova from Nur-Sultan, who did a photo session here in a negligee. She posted on Instagram inviting followers to swim for free and enjoy the beautiful landscape. However, experts from the Department of Ecology in Nur-Sultan announced that that the water might be unsafe to swim in. Due to the fact that for a long time, waste was thrown here from a factory for the production of silicate bricks. Although, for those who seek to have a unique photo the place is amazing. You can visit the area and make a rare picture is a beautiful background just do not go into the water. From Nur-Sultan the round trip takes around 1 hour by car and another 1 hour exploring around and taking pictures. Not for in the steppes you can also observe some herd of wild horses. 

How to get to Blue lagoon Lake

Certainly by own car or taxi is the best way to get there. By car driving there take about 20 to 30 minutes, if you taking a taxi it is recommended to use the gas station of  Severnaya Obezdnaya 49. Use the map 2GIS it’s more precise compare to google maps. By public transport, you can take buses 39, 307, 317 to reach the bus station called Alai Bazar. From this stop take a Severnaya Obueszdnaya street and go across it for 4 km.

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