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Zhongar-Alatau National Park

After you have visited all the popular destinations nearby Almaty, next thing to do is to head to the Zhongar-Alatau National Park whish is often written as Dzhongarskiy Alatau in Russian. The park is situated Northeast from Almaty in the Zhongar Alatau mountains, which stretch for over 300 km from West to East along the border with China in the districts of Aksu, Sarkand, Alakol and Almaty region. Its highest summit, Semyonov Tienshanskiy, is 4,622 meters high and is situated Almost at the place where the borders of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and China meet. The Zhongar Alatau is the youngest national park or Kazakhstan and was founded only in April 2010 to preserve the natural mountain landscapes of the Northern slope of the Zhetysu Alatau. 

There are fewer tourists in the Zhongar Alatau than for instance in Altyn-Emel or Ile-Alatau National Parks due to the distance from Almaty meaning that the services are not that developed. On the other hand, a small number of tourists or even locals allows you to see a truly clean nature, unspoiled by the human presence.  About 1% of the land area of the park is forested with Sievers Apple trees, which are the parents of all cultured apple varieties in the world.  

Zhasylkul Lake

Zhasylkol is a high-mountainous lake in the Zhongar Alatau National Park. The lake lies at an altitude of 1630 m above sea level 15 km Southwest of Lepsi village. The lake has been formed as a result of an earthquake. A rock collapse blocked the bed of the Agynykatta river with a natural dam, which formed a picturesque lake. The water in the spring-summer period is muddy since the streams feeding the lake originate from the glaciers of Zhogar. However, as soon as the melting of glaciers stops with a cold snap, the water acquires a transparent blue color. The temperature of water does not rise above 10 ° C even during the hottest summer period. 

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