Mangystay jeep tour from Aktau (2 days)

Jeep tour to Mangystau from Aktau

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Tiramisu Canyon Kyzylkup: A canyon with striped dark brown and white colors, resembling the layers of a Tiramisu cake.
Bokty mount: Bokty Mount, often referred to as “Bokty,” is a notable geological formation and a popular tourist attraction in Kazakhstan. It is renowned for its unique appearance, which has earned it a place on the 1,000 tenge currency note. The mount features prominently in the national currency due to its striking and distinctive landscape.
Bozjyra Fangs Formation: A popular viewpoint within Bozjyra Park known for its stunning geological features.
Bozjyra Dragon Crest: A geological formation that resembles the shape of a dragon’s crest or a large ship, offering a one-of-a-kind sight.
Bozjyra Mars Panorama: A location with landscapes that resemble another planet, providing unique photo opportunities.

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Mangustay tour from Aktau

Tour Itinerary

Morning Pickup: Your adventure kicks off with a pickup from Aktau Airport (SCO) at 10:00 AM or directly from your hotel.
City Departure: By 10:30 AM, we bid farewell to the city and set out on our journey.

Lunch in Zhanaozen: 
After a two-hour drive, we arrive in Zhanaozen for a satisfying lunch.
Refueling and Coffee Break: Post-lunch, we pause in Zhanaozen for refueling and a revitalizing coffee break.

Tiramisu Canyon: Leaving civilization behind, our first stop is the enchanting TIRAMISU CANYON. This natural marvel boasts striped dark brown and white hues, resembling a giant Tiramisu cake. You’ll have 1-2 hours to soak in the beauty.
BOKTY Mount: A quick 20-minute drive takes us to BOKTY mount, featured on our 1000 tenge currency. Be sure to bring some cash and snap a memorable photo holding the currency with this iconic backdrop.
BOZJYRA Mars Panorama: Our journey continues to BOZJYRA MARS PANORAMA, a surreal landscape that truly resembles another planet.
BOZJYRA Dragon Crest Top View: Next, we head to BOZJYRA DRAGON CREST TOP VIEW. This mountain formation resembles a dragon’s crest and a massive ship. It’s a one-of-a-kind place; there are no similar walls in the world. We’re now on the top side of the National Park.
Camp by Beige Walls: Descending from the peak, we drive to our campsite, which offers a stunning view of the National Park’s magnificent walls. “BOZ” signifies beige color, and “JYRA” means wall, so you’ll be surrounded by the grandeur of Beige Walls.

Starry Night: After dinner, everyone is welcome to marvel at the billions of stars. Goodnight!

Breakfast: After breakfast, we set off for the last viewpoint of the Park, BOZJYRA FANGS FORMATION.

Fangs Formation: This viewpoint, the most visited in Kazakhstan, awaits. A climb of around 60 meters, though not entirely steep, involving steps, brings us to this panoramic highlight of the tour. Take your time here for some breathtaking photos.
Lunch in Zhanaozen: After descending, we’ll drive back to Zhanaozen city and enjoy lunch at a local cafe.

Return to Aktau: Evening, we’ll return to Aktau and ensure everyone is safely dropped off at their booked hotel or the airport.
Tour Conclusion: This marks the end of our memorable journey. Hugs, farewells, and all the best wishes!

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Tour updated 11.1.2023

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