Bishkek Soviet architecture

Bishkek Mosaics, Murals and Soviet Architecture

Architecture is one of the essential elements of a city’s appearance. While visiting Bishkek, you can observe a mixture of brutal Soviet buildings, Soviet time mosaics as well as modern structures that blend into the more oriental or eastern style of current Kyrgyz architecture. Bishkek has well-preserved Soviet Era structures and many of them that are worth checking out but not always easily found.

Athletes mosaic

Athletes mosaic Bishkek

Athletes is located at the side of an apartment block in5th micro district

Children mural

kids mural in Bishkek, fifth microdistrict

Dilapidated children mural resides at the side of an apartment block in 5th micro district

Lenin is with us

Lenin is with us

            Lenin is with us is located at a walking distance from Bishkek city center at the intersection Molodaya gvardia – Moskov str.

Khottabych Flying Carpet

Hottabych flies over the wall of a residential building in the fifth microdistrict.

5th micro district

Snow Leopards

Snow Leopards mosaic, Bishkek

5th micro district

Our Work To You, Motherland!

Textile factory mosaic in Bishkek

           Zhibek Zholy str not far from the Bishkek city center


Deer mosaic Bishkek

5th micro district

Festive Procession of the People of Hard Labour

Festive procession of the people

intersection Aaly Tokonbaev and Baityk Baatyr streets 

Man On White Horse

Man on a white horse

           5th micro district

"Flourishing Kyrgyzstan" Mural

Soviet mosaic in Bishkek

This large mosaic covers the entire end of an apartment block standing on the northern side of Vefa shopping center. Mosaic is in poor condition, the colors fading and many tiny cobalt glass tiles are missing due to neglect but the overall impression remains visible. 

The central figure of this mosaic is a woman, dressed in traditional Kyrgyz clothing, standing open-armed in front of her fellow male and female citizens. They look hopeful, triumphant, and prosperous. Towers, flowing ribbons and rays of sun tower above them, reaching to the sky and beyond.


radion mural in Bishkek

Kyrgyz telecommunication officee

The Path Of Enlightenment

Path to enlightment mosaic in Bishkek

            intersection Umetaliev and Ryskulov streets

Mosaic in the "Baichchek" house

bishkek baichechek building

“Baichechek” residential house, on Mir (Tynchtyk) avenue

Champagne Wine Factory

Champagne wine factory bishkek

Champagne wine factory on Mir (Tynchtyk) avenue

Kyrgyz Drama Theater​

soviet era mural at the kyrgyz drama theater
Kyrgyz drama theater in Bishkek

At the intersection of st. Panfilov and Abdymomunov 

Soviet Architecture in Bishkek

Souvenir shop "Snail"

bishkek soviet building

An interesting structure in the shape of a snail stands hidden in a park and barely noticeable due to the lost tile color and being covered by a long-term layer of dirt. Originally it was souvenir shop built in 1971 and is one of the symbols of Soviet architecture design of the 1960s.

Despite its small size, the construction took two years – from 1969 to 1971 due to the complexity of the structure of the shell kind form of the Snail. The building consists of two rooms, souvenirs were sold in the main room during Soviet times. Later it was sold and turned into a cafe and the new owners made some changes adding tobacco advertisement “West” at the top of the building. Consequently it is also an reminder of the time when tobacco advertising was still allowed. Next to theis building there is a monument with the inscription “Belek” (“gift” in translation from Kyrgyz) as a reminder that the building was originally a souvenir shop.

Kyrgyz National Bank

Soviet structures in Bishkek

Intersection of  str. Chui and st. Umetaliev


the circus in bishkek

Round shape circus was a certain style in Soviet time, the same shape circus is in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and Kharkiv, Ukraine.

White House

white house in bishkek

White house is the administration building of the Kyrgyz president standing at the best place among the Chuy avenue.

Monument to the Yak-50 aircraft

Yak-50 plane monument

12th micro district

Pervomaisky District Court of Bishkek

This red color building is located in the centre of Bishkek, at the intersection of st. Abdrakhmanov (former Soviet street) and Bokonbaev. It houses the Pervomaisky Rayonnti Sud (First May district court) of Bishkek. Originally it was built in 1938 as a multi functional firemen’s house with garages, offices, classrooms and even a gym. 

However, the Great Patriotic War changed (this is how the WW2 is called in Kyrgyzstan) everything including the primary purpose of the structure. The Kharkov Medical Institute was evacuated to Frunze, particularly to this building along with teachers and their families. 

Later a club and a sports school were opened in the house. On August 12, 1992, the first and second floors of the northern part of the building with a total area of 892 sq. m were transferred to the use of Pervomaisky Court of Bishkek.

Pervomaisky District Court of Bishkek, soviet bishkek

Automobile Road College ​

Bishkek automobile road college

Intersection of Mir (Tynchtyk) avenue and st. Zhamanbaev

Bishkek old Gallery Exhibition Hall

art exhibition hall in bishkek

At the intersection of st. Manasa (former Belinskaya street) and Chui.

Kyrgyz National Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Abdylas Maldybayev

Bishkek Kyrgyz Opera and Ballet Theatre

Bishkek Ala-Too Square

The Ala too square is the center of Bishkek’s Soviet heritage. It forms a very complete area of Soviet buildings and has seen very minor changes since it was built during the Soviet times. On a clear day the Ala Too square is beautiful with the Ala Too mountains appearing behind columns and domes of the buildings. At summer evening and night times it is a place for the locals to walk and enjoy the cooler air after hot days. Ala Too square is surrounded also by the State history museum in the north and by large green park areas and the nearby Erkindik avenue.

Ilbirs building

bishkek ilbirs soviet architecture

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Agriculture in ala too square

Pavilion "Juices - carbonated waters" or "Ak-Suu mineral water"

Ak-Suu mineral water pavilion in Bishkek

The Ak-Suu mineral water pavilion is another fine Soviet architectural monument built back in 1949. It is included in the State List of Historical and Cultural Monuments of the Kyrgyz Republic. 

The pavilion was famous among the residents because in Soviet time you could buy sparkling water here. Today the pavilion is rented by private individuals who have set up a small cafe there behind the Ala Too cinema.

Monument Mig-21F

Monument to MiG-21 plane in Bishkek

At the intersection of st. Kievskaya and Logvinenko

The MiG-21F monument is known to the locals as “the plane near the Voentorg”. No exact information about it, soo most likely, it was installed to inspire pilots in Soviet times. Behind the monument located the headquarters of the National Guard.

Bishkek old airport

Soviet architecture remains in Bishkek

Until 1975 all air foreign aviation transport in Kyrgyzstan was based at this building. The old airport is located on Mira Avenue about 500 m southwest of the Ahunbaeva intersection. 

This beautiful building was designed by Evgeny Pisarsky and was presented to the public in 1956. It operated until 1981 when the last plane departed from the terminal. Just before closing for the reconstruction, it was working as the passport issuing office. At the moment is closed due to reconstruction.

Bishkek Friendship Monument

White marble monument was built in 1974 between the white house and Ala-Too Square to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Kyrgyzstan’s “Friendship” with Russia

It remarks that 100 years back in 1874, Kyrgyzstan was under the control of the Khanate of Kokand, however by the end of the 19th century, the Russian Empire had occupied and annexed the whole territory of Kyrgyzstan among with the other Central Asian states.

Bishkek fSociet riendship monument

Soviet Style Residential buildings at the Centre of Bihkek

soviet house in the centre of bishkek

Residential house, at the intersection of st. kievskaya and Abdyrahmanova

kyrgyz soviet ornament residential house

Residential house, at the intersection of st. Gorkiy and Frunze

Manas Cinema

manas cinema bishkek

intersection Manas avenue and Akhunbaev str.

Bishkek City Hall

bishkek city hall building

in front of Kyrgyz National Philharmonic

Wedding Palace

Kyrgyz wedding in Bishkek

197 Yusup Abdrahmanov St

Kyrgyz Telecommunications office

Kyrgyz television soviet building

Buildvard Molodaya Gvardiya 59

Kyrgyz Post office

Kyrgyz post office in Bishkek

Chui avenue 96

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