Ski base ZIL located 35 km southeast from Bishkek, on the slopes between the Chunkurchak and Issyk-Ata valleys. Zil is one of the most popular ski resorts nearby Bishkek. Zil resort has been ranked first out of 17 ski resorts of Kyrgyzstan for three years in a row. The reason is the close location to the Bishkek as well as its picturesque surroundings. The base placed in the 1850 m above sea level. Zil has a well-maintained road, perfectly equipped parking facilities for at least 700 cars. On the south side of the base  5 km away, at an altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level located glacier Kentor. Glasier can easily be reached by a four-wheel-drive car as well as by walk. Ski season usually operates from December till March. In the summertime, the base offers various outdoor activities such as riding down the mountain on a mattress, ziplining and koumiss treatment service. Next to the entrance of the base, the monuments of Russian president Vladimir Putin will welcome you. Walking further would be another monument of Lenin and the last statue is dedicated to Chyngyz Aitmatov. 

Ski passes for adults cost 800 som on weekdays and 1.2 thousand som on weekends and holidays. For children 500 and 700 som. Equipment rental will cost 350-600 som. There is no exact price for training at the base, you need to negotiate with the instructor on the spot. But keep in mind that it will not cost more than 1 thousand som per hour. There is no public transport going to the ski base, you may take a taxi, expect to pay 500-600 som each way.

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