Juuku Valley

Dzhuku Valley

Juuku Valley also written as Zhukuu and Dzhuuku, is the longest gorge on the Terskey Ala-Too Range, popular for its various nature, beautiful landscapes as well as wide area. The valley is placed on the southern shore of the Lake Issyk-Kul about 70 km southwest from Karakol. Nowadays, the gorge mainly attracts tourists with its natural beauty, however in the past, it was part of the routes of numerous merchants and travelers from different countries. In various periods there were found shelters from the ancient Turks, Nestorian Christians and, nomadic Kyrgyz people. 

The gorge provides a pass intermountain route to the western part of the Tien Shan. Dzhuku Valley was visited by the famous monk Xuanzang, one of the main heroes of the Chinese legend about Sun-Ukun as well as there was the famous Russian traveler Petr Semenov-Tyan-Shansky.  

Juuku hotspring


How to get to Dzuku Valley?

If you are lucky walking through the park you can meet a bear and see a golden eagle soaring in the sky. You may spend the night in a yurt, where you will get drunk with koumiss and airan. 

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