Zangionta Complex​

Just 15 km outside Tashkent, along the M34 you can find the Zangionta village that has risen around the Timurid-era mausoleum of Zangoita. The person buried in the complex was a 13 century Sufi saint and a shepherd who is still believed to have healing powers. People visit the mausoleum to pray and seeking blessings. 

zangi-ota tashkent

The entrance to the complex through a door located in a large-scale door decorated with colorful mosaics. The door is built in a form of patterns and supplemented with Arabic scripts. The gate was erected during the reign of Temur’s grandson, Mirzo Ulugbek. 

The mausoleum contains the remains of the great Sheikh Ai-Khoja Zangi-ata. This nickname translates as “Dark Father”, which he received for his tan skin color

Zangiata was a great Sufi, well-known and revered by people both during his lifetime and after his death. Sheikh was born in a noble Arab family at the end of the 12th century and he preached about the islamic faith until his last days. 

Ai-Khoja was taken to study with the Sufi Sheikh Ahmad Yassavi, who was recognized as the spiritual leader of all Turkic tribes in Central Asia. During his life, Zangiata did a lot for the formation and development of Islam among the people, which earned him the respect of believers. For this reason, the ruler Amir Temur decided to build a memorial complex for the great Sheikh. 

zangi-ota spring
Zangi ota complex in Tashkent

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