Kazakhstan ski resorts

Kazakhstan ski resorts Skiing resorts in Kazakhstan The vast land of Kazakstan stretches for thousands of kilometers, from the Volga steppes to the Mongolian border and from the Central Asian deserts to the Siberian taiga with diverse landscapes offers various activities. Kazakhstan holds half a dozen ski resorts located in mountainous areas in the north […]

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Kenesary Kasymov

Kenesary Kasymov Kenesary Kasymov (1802-1847) Kenesary Kasymov was the last Kazakh Khan and last ruler of the Kazakh Khanate. He was the grandson of Ablai Khan, who did not share these principles. Kenesary was the first Kazakh nationalist who raised the people of the steppe in their fight for independence. He fought for his country’s freedom,

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Taldykorgan Taldykorgan Taldykorgan, a city in southeastern Kazakhstan and home to about 145 000 people. The city lies on the left bank of the Karatal River and in the western foothills of the Dzungarian Alatau Range. Today Russians are the second largest ethnic group after the Kazakhs among the total of 70 nationalities living in Taldykorgan,

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Zharkent Zharkent 350 km from Almaty and only 100 km from Gulja in China, there is a town called Zharkent, which is know as the “gate to the east” as it is nearby the main road between China and Kazakhstan. Zharkent is the nearest largish town located right next to the Khorgos border, about 20km

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Highlights tour of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

HIGHLIGHTS OF UZBEKISTAN KAZAKHSTAN AND KYRGYZSTAN TOUR Highlights of three stans (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan) Tour TOUR DETAILS Tour length and Participants 10 days / 2 – 8 people Starting and Ending points Tashkent / Bishkek Price 2467 USD / person Tour dates 2024 Group #1: 26.04 – 09.05.2024Group #2: 24.05 – 06.06.2024Group #3: 28.06

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