Pamir culture

Pamiri Culture Pamirians Pamir is like another entity Tajikistan, Pamirians have their own culture, national music, and even language. The Pamiri people also known as the Pamirian or Mountain Tajiks comprise seven ethnic groups of Tajikistan in formerly Soviet Central Asia such as Shughni, Rushans, Wakhi, Ishkoshimi, Yazgulami, and some others populating a vast mountainous area in

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Hissor day trip from Dushanbe

Day trip to Hissor from Dushanbe Hissor historical & Archaelogic day trip TOUR DETAILS Period All around the year Tour length and Participants4 – 5 hours; 2 – 4 participants Price starting from 33 $ (10 pax group) TOUR HIGHLIGHTS What you will see: Caravanserai, Hissor fortress, the old madrasa, the new madrasa,  Makhdumi Azam Mausoleum. What you will

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Dushanbe – Osh Pamir Tour

Dushanbe – Osh, Pamir Tour (Nature photograph tour) Dushanbe – Osh, Pamir Tour (Nature photograph tour) TOUR DETAILS Period July – August? Tour length and Participants11 days, 1 – 5 participants IncludedXX Not includedXX Price from 3400 $ / person Dushanbe – Osh, Pamir tour (Nature photograph tour)Dushanbe – Kalai Kum – Korong – Yamg

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Pamir tour (Dushanbe-Khorog-Murghab-Karakul-Osh and Wakhan corridor)

Discover Pamir Discover the Pamirs in 7 Days Tour This tour is currently suspended due to the border issues between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan Please, check these tours instead for your Pamir experience: Tajikistan Pamir without crossing to Kyrgyzstan & Pamir Highway tour  TOUR DETAILS Period July – August Tour length and Participants7 days, 1 –

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