Pavlodar is located in the northeast of Kazakhstan, the center of Pavlodar region. It is a an industrial city which preserved som Tsar-era buildings. The city placed 450 km northeast of the capital Astana, and 405 km southeast of the Russian city of Omsk along the Irtysh River. This city has only appeared at the beginning of the 18th century as one of the outposts of the Irtysh military line. Russian military outpost of Koryakovsk was established in 1972 with the garrison of 48 people and took the name from the nearby lake Koryakovsk, from where salt was extracted. In 1861, on the initiative of local merchants, the village was elevated to the rank of the city, which was named after Pavlodar in honor of the newborn Russian Prince Pavel Alexandrovich, the eighth child of the Tsar Alexander the second. 

Convenient location of the city and the presence of the marina together with the industrial production of salt led to the rapid growth of the city. The transformation of the city into an industrial center is related with the construction of a tractor and aluminum plant in Pavlodar. There are enterprises with various industry sectors, oil refining, engineering, construction, energy, chemical industry and metallurgy. Besides, about big number of  small and medium-sized enterprises produce food and consumer goods.

Today Pavlodar is the center of Pavlodar region, one of the main industrial centers of Kazakhstan. Ancient houses in the Siberian “merchant” style organically synchronize with modern buildings. Modern Pavlodar extends for 16 km along the banks of the Irtysh River, which forms the western border of the city and determines its character. Green hill of Irtysh attracts residents and visitors of the city. If you look to the west from here, you only the steppe, the endless sky and the Irtysh with steep wild slopes are enough to see. In Pavlodar predominantly of ethnic Russians about 46% and Kazakhs 39% with significant Ukrainian, German and Tatar minorities.

Pavlodar city
Pavlodar mosque

What to do in Pavlodar

Irtysh River Bank

A stroll on Pavlodar Irtysh river bank is one of the city’s highlights in any season. During the summer time crowds gather to the city’s main beach for swimming and sunbathing, and hourly ferry cruises run from the river ferry station.

Mashkhur Jusup Mosque

The central mosque is visible from different parts of the city. The sky-blue dome is crowned with a golden crescent moon, upward-looking blue minarets and a magnificent staircase distinguish the new mosque.

Cathedral of the Annunciation

Modern architectural monuments of the Annunciation Cathedral is amazing in its scope. The cathedral was built in 1999. Pavlodar architects took one of the Moscow Kremlin cathedrals as a basis. The bells are cast in Moscow, at the plant named after Likhachev, there are nine in all. The largest bell weighs 1024 kg. 

Travel to Pavlodar

Pavlodar by plane

Air Astana operates a daily flight from Almaty and flies five times a week to Astana. As well as SCAT Airlines and SCAT Airlines regularly flies to Astana. The airport is located 14 km southeast of Pavlodar. The best and most convenient way to get there is by the taxi. There is a bus 12 goes between Aviator stop, however you need to walk 12 km to the airport. 

Pavlodar by train

From Almaty there is a daily train you can check from the official website: www.railways.kzThe railway station located on the northeast of the town center. The railway station is modern building with a dark interior. 


Pavloard by road

The main bus station located on the western side of the square in front of the railway station. There are busses depart every 30 minutes to different destinations such as Ekibustuz, Bayanaul, Karaganda, Astana and Semei as well as a few to Russia including Omsk and Novosibirsk. 

Other sights & destinations near Pavlodar

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