Pink Lake Kobeituz

Pink Lake Kobeituz

The Pink Lake Kobeituz is located in the Akmola region and it turns to pink color every few years. It is believed that the pink color of the water is created by the microalga “Dunaliella brackish” the same microalgae color worldwide known famous pink lakes exist in Australia and Canada. Kobeituz is a tiny lake lie next to the Ereimentau town in about 160 km away from Nur-Sultan. 

In the Kazakh language, “Kobei” means multiply, and “tuz” is a salt, which can give you a clue about the properties of the lake. Moreover, the healing effects of mud and salt are very popular here. Since the lake turns every few years nobody knows for sure the when the next phenomenon occurs. The lake is shallow, so you can go with children without hesitation. In the middle of summer, you can lie down in the water and sunbathe in the sun.  The water is very salty so if you put your hand or any object into the water, a white bloom appears on top. If you wish to swim you can go to Lake Teniz for located nearby the Kobeituz. 

How to get to Kobeituz

The nearest settlement in the Kobeituz lake area is Ereimentau town located about 35 km southeast. Since no road signs are leading to the lake most travelers take a long time to get there. If you are driving from Nur-Sultan, the road to the lake will take you more than two hours. Take the Nur-Sultan-Pavlodar highway because the road is better there. 

On the way will be two junctions to Yereymentau, which you must skip and pass straight. At 177 km will be a road sign “Korzhynkul Stations”. This is a spot when the search for the lake begins, because you have to leave the main road, and there are no signposts to the lake. After leaving the main road highway, you must drive along the road in the opposite direction until you see a tunnel. Go through the tunnel under the highway to the other side of the road. There you will find a roadside complex “Akzhol”. It is a cafe and a hotel where you can overnight if you wish. From here just about 2-3 km to the lake. 

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