Kyrgyzstan Border Permit

Kyrgyzstan border permit

Some areas along the border with China, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and even Kazakhstan have been considered ‘sensitive’ by the government of Kyrgyzstan. A special permit is therefore required to visit them even for the shepherds and residents staying next to the border villages.

The procedure of obtaining a border permit is usually costly and time-consuming. One of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan is inside these border zones. You can apply yourself through the local office. Although according to our experience you may need to go through some bureaucratic procedures. To get to those places you need to cross the military checkpoints show your border permit and pass further. If you are interested in obtaining it through us, please contact us by filling up the form.

Border Zones of Kyrgyzstan

The border zones that require the border permit for visiting are divided into different regions of Kyrgyzstan as followed.

Issyk-Kul region

Karkyra valley, Enilchek town, Inylchek glacier, Ak-Shyirak village, Karasay checkpoint, Echikilitash checkpoint, Sary-Jaz mountains range, Khan-Tengri National Park

Naryn region

Kel-Suu lake, Chatyr-Kol lake, Aksay valley, Arpa valley, Torugart checkpoint

Osh region

Lenin base camp, Irkeshtam check point, Bor-Dobo check point

Page updated 30.6.2022

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