Trekking tour from Bishkek to Southern Kyrgyzstan

13 days Trekking Tour to Southern Kyrgyzstan

Tour Details

The main features of tour:

  • Trekking distance during the tour: 78 km
  • Min elevation per day: 178 m
  • Max elevation per day: 1220 m
  • Difficulty: moderate to light – medium

South Kyrgyzstan Trekking Tour Highlights

The Southern regions of Kyrgyzstan are very interesting and have a lot of opportunities to attract the tourists to the mountains. During the tour you will stay in a remote & authentic Kyrgyz village as the guests of real Kyrgyz family. 

The trekking route will go via 2 high passes with the heights of about 3300 – 3400 m and pass along the Nature preserve “Alatay”. There are 2 mountain lakes in the area called “Kara Suu” and “Kapka Tash”. In the area of the village, Nichke Say and the lakes possible to prolong the trekking program and possible to make the round trips. The level of the main trek from Nichkesai village to Arslanbob village is medium. The landscape is different every day; Mountain lakes and white rocks eventually change to red mountains.

  • Trekking on pristine mountain trails
  • Trekking over high passes above 3000 m
  • Unforgettable nights in the base vamp by the Lenin Peak (7134 m)
  • Breathtaking mountain lakes of Kyrgyzstan
  • Experience the nomad lifestyle
Trek tour southern Kyrgyzstan, Arslanbob-lenin
Trek tour in South Kyrgyzstan

Route of program day by day

Arrival in Bishkek early in the morning. Meeting with a guide and driver at the airport. Transfer to a hotel. Rest in a hotel. Excursion on the main Ala-To Square. Walk along the Oak Park to the open art gallery of Sculptures. Visit of Manas Sculpture and a walk along the alley of the youth next to Philharmonic Hall. Dinner in a restaurant. Accommodation in a hotel.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: start point – 800 m in Bishkek,)

(Meals B/L/D)

Breakfast in a hotel. Depart to Toktogul water reserve to the Kyrgyz village Nichkesai about 5 hours to drive. Drive over the Too Ashu pass 3580m.

On the way, you will see the beautiful Suusamyr valley, a pasture with nomad yurts and Chichkan gorge after crossing the Ala Bel pass. Lunch on the way.

Upon arrival in the village you will be accommodated in the Kyrgyz family at the yurt camp. Walk around the village. The view from the top of the hill is very picturesque. The folklore show will be in the evening with Kyrgyz songs and music. Dinner and overnight in the family house with very simple facilities.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: start point – 800 m in Bishkek, end of the day 1455m in the village)

(Meals B/L/D)

Breakfast in a yurt camp. During the trek part in the program a cook will prepare and hand out a lunch box for every tourist in a group in the morning.

Transfer to start point of the trek to Taktalyk village. Meet the stablemen and horses for the luggage. Trek up along the valley. Cross the pass 2900m. The way to the pass slowly going up. After the pass descend to the Kara Suu lake. Lake reach of trout and other type of fishes. Tent camp for overnight and dinner by the lake. 

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: start point – 1835m at Taktalyk, highest point is 2906m at the pass. end of the day 2074m in the tent camp by the lake)

(Meal B/Lunch boxes/D)

After breakfast, we start hiking towards Kol Kogur Lake at 2 500 meters. The lake is located on the northern slope of the Kungey Ala-Too mountains in a picturesque wooded area. It is considered  one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Northern Tien Chan. The lake has a trapezoidal shape.

On the shore of the lake, we set up tents, and we enjoy the magnificent landscapes around us.

Dinner and overnight in a tent. Trek: 11 km, +300m, -320m, 5h

(Meals B/L/D) 

Breakfast in a tent camp. Start the trekking day with hiking up the valley until the footstep of the pass about 3 hours.

After lunch, trek over the pass Belmonchok 3186m. From the top of the pass, there is the nice view to the valleys of the both sides of the mountain. Descend to the valley of Otuz Art. The Mountains of the valley made of red cliffs and red send. The valley is attractive for beekeepers, you can meet them on the way. Dinner and overnight by the river in a tent camp. 

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: start point – 2311m at Kapka Tash lake, highest point is 3186m at the pass, end of the day 2162m in the tent camp)

(Meals B/ Lunch boxes /D)

Breakfast in a tent camp. Trekking up along the old orchards to the beginning of the valley. This day is going to be very exciting as the trek way will be several times go up over the hills and small passes and will go down again. That is why the valley call Otuz Art (Thirty passes). View of Red rocks you would enjoy during the all day.

On the way you will meet the local shepherds and beekeepers. You can try fresh honey from bee farms. Dinner and overnight in the tent camp by the river. 

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: start point – 2162m at Tent camp, end of the day 1501m in the tent camp)

(Meals B/ Lunch boxes /D)

Breakfast in a tent camp. Trekking down the valley to junction of the rivers. From there the way goes up again to the pass. Over the pass you will come to Kyzyl Unkur village. Cross the village by asphalt road for about 1 km, cross the river by the bridge and trek up again in the walnut forest to the place called Daashman. Overnight in the forest in tents.

 (Altitudes above sea level during the day: start point – 1501m at Tent camp, end of the day 1679m in the tent camp in the forest.

(Meals B/ Lunch boxes /D)

Breakfast in a tent camp. Trek for about 3 hours down to end of the trek to Gumkhana village. All the way the rout goes through the biggest walnut forest in the world. Meet the car and driver. End of the trek. See off with stablemen and local guide. Drive for 500m to the family guesthouse. Overnight and dinner in family guesthouse. 

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: start point – 1679m at Tent camp, end of the day 1329m in Gumkhana (Arslanbob))

(Meals: B/Lunch boxes/D)

Breakfast in a guest house. Transfer to Osh town after breakfast. Osh is the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan, located in the Fergana Valley in the south of the country and often referred to as the “capital of the south”.

On the way, you can visit the Uzgen mausoleum dated to 11 century AD. the remaining’s of Karakhaned empire. Moreover, you could have great opportunity to get to know the farmer who grows and harvests rice.

Traditional lunch in the local family. Upon arrival in Osh check in to the hotel. Walking along Suleiman mountain. This mountain is considered to be sacred throughout thousands of years for Muslim pilgrims. It abruptly rises from Fergana valley over the town lying on both sides of Ak Buura River and gives the splendid view. Dinner in a local restaurant. Accommodation in a hotel. 

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of day – 1329 m, in Osh – 700m)

(Meals: B/L/D)

After breakfast in a hotel transfer to the Lenin base camp along the mountainous road. Lunch on the way. Drive over the Taldyk pass 3615m. Enjoy the view of the Great Glacier and Mountains around. Upon arrival accommodation at the Base Camp at the footstep of Lenin Peak (7139 m). Dinner and overnight in tent/yurt camp on 3600m. 

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of day – 800m in Osh, highest point – 3615m on Taldyk Pass, end of day– 3600 m in Lenin BC)

(Meals: B/L/D)

Breakfast in a camp. Radial hike towards the Lenin Peak to the Putishestvenikov (travelers) pass (4128m). Start from 3600 m. Lunch as a lunch boxes at the pass with the great view to Lenin Mountain and glacier. Return back to the BC (base camp). Dinner and overnight in the tent/yurt camp.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: 3600 m in Lenin BC, highest point is 4128 m at Putichestvenikov pass, end of the day at BC 3600 m)

(Meals: B/Lunch boxes/D)

Breakfast in a camp. After breakfast transfer to Osh. On the way, visit the Josholu valley. Lunch will be in Yurt camp Barchyn.

After lunch continue drive to Osh. Over the Chiirchik pass. Upon arrival in Osh transfer to the airport. Flight to Bishkek in the evening. Dinner at a local restaurant . Overnight in a hotel

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of day – 3600m in BC, end of day – 800m in Bishkek)

(Meals: B/L /D) 

Transfer to the airport. Flight home

Tour Information

Additional Information

Level of difficulty:  

Passes are easy to hike without hard rocks. Hiking time during the days approximately 5-6 hours per day. Most of the tour program goes along the shepherd’s routs. The gain and loos elevation about 400m to 800 m every day of the trek. Most of the trek days are more that 1500m above sea level. Average temperature is around 20-25C per day. During the night, it could be cold and sometimes the temperature could be 0 C or even minus 0 C (BC Lenin peak). 

You need to bring:

  • Down jacket
  • Warm sweater
  • Warm sleeping bag
  • Air trekking mat
  • Rain gear (waterproof trousers should have an opening on the outside at the bottom of the leg in order to put on and take off without removing your trekking boots)
  • 2-3 pairs of warm socks
  • Waterproof trekking boots
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream with high UV-protection
  • Lip balm with UV-protection, back pack (about 30 L)

Breakfast: Warm breakfast – for example milk rice or fried eggs, cheese, honey, bread, butter, hot coffee/tea and etc.

Lunch: Lunch boxes with salads, different sandwiches, dry fruits, fruits and natural juice.

Snack (when tourists just arrive in the camp): Different cookies and hot coffee/tea/compote.

Dinner: Different types of soup, second course, cheese, honey, bread, hot coffee/tea and etc.

We provide double tents for trekking (Iglu or V shape). Brand of tents provided is RED FOX (Austrian brand) or SALEWA (Italian brand) or Quechua (Korean brand). Single tents can be provided for a supplement payment.

Tent for dining: We use the big tents “Team Fox” with capacity of 12-15 pax. 

We also provide trekking tables and trekking chairs.

In addition, we offer the trekking toilet tent.

For the trek, you will need to separate the belongings you need for the trek and the luggage, with the rest staying with the car. Car will deliver them to you at the meeting point at the end of the trek. Horses will carry the main luggage and food for the trek. The weight of the luggage for the trek is limited to 15 kg per person.

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