Katta Langar

Katta Langar​ Katta Langar Village​ Katta Langar (Langar ota sanctuary in Google Maps) village is a long gorge village located high up the Langar Valley at the foot of the Kamashinsky region mountain range and it is located  about 70 km south from Shakhrisabz. The village contains numerous old style clay brick houses and a

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voru Ancient village of Voru Voru is one of the most ancient villages in Tajikistan. The village is situated at 2200 m above sea level and belongs to the Sughd region in the Northern part of Tajikistan and in the Fann mountains. Voru lies in the western part of the Fann Mountains and the northern part

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Kok-Moinok Canyon

Kok Moinok canyon Kok-Moinok Canyons On the way to Issyk-Kul, after the Boom gorge pass, if you watch south from the highway, beyond the Chu River, you can notice unusual reddish rock formations against the starting mountain slopes. What you see there are the scenic and unique Kok Moinok canyons.  These colorful, 2,5 km long

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