Walnut Harvest Tour

Walnut Harvest Tour from Osh to Bishkek AUTUMN Walnut Harvest Tour in Kyrgyzstan TOUR DETAILS Period October – November (Can be organized all year round without walnut harvest) Tour length 7 days Starting and Ending points Osh / Bishkek Price from 952 $ / person Arslanbob Tour Highlights Every year from September to October, Arslanbob […]

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Karavshin gorge

Karavshin Valley Aksu valley – Kyrgyz Patagonia Aksu Valley Surroundings The nature of Kyrgyzstan is impressive with the high mountain landscapes that differ in different corners of the country. It allows visitors to enjoy a variety of mountain activities such as hiking as well as rock climbing. A particularly famous destination for these activities is

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Kyrgyzstan border permit

Kyrgyzstan Border Permit Kyrgyzstan border permit Some areas of Kyrgyzstan along the border with China, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and even Kazakhstan have been considered ‘sensitive’ by the government of Kyrgyzstan. A special border permit is therefore required to visit them even for the shepherds and residents staying next to the border villages. The procedure of obtaining a

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Kok-Moinok Canyon

Kok Moinok canyon Kok-Moinok Canyons On the way to Issyk-Kul, after the Boom gorge pass, if you watch south from the highway, beyond the Chu River, you can notice unusual reddish rock formations against the starting mountain slopes. What you see there are the scenic and unique Kok Moinok canyons.  These colorful, 2,5 km long

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