6 days tour around Tajikistan

Tajikistan 6 days Tour Dushanbe – Khorog – Iskanderkul tour Tour Details Period All year round Tour length and Participants6 Days / 2 – 10 pax or more participants by request Price from 745 $/ person Tour plan The tour starts exploring Dushanbe’s highlights, you will find out many interesting facts about the Tajik people. …

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9 days Pamir Highway tour

Pamir highway tour 9 days Pamir Highway tour Tour Details Period July-August Total distance 2426km Tour length and Participants9 days, 1 – 4 participants Price per person from 609 $ Tour Highlights What you will see: Panj River and its gorges, along the Afghan border / The famous Wakhan valley and Hindu Kush mountain range/Khorog …

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Uzbekistan – Tajikistan 8 days tour Uzbekistan – Tajikistan Highlights Tour TOUR DETAILS Period All around the year Tour length and Participants 8 days; 5 – 30 pax / individual tour or a smaller group ask for price Starting and Ending points Tashkent / Dushanbe Price from 0€ / person TOUR HIGHLIGHTS The journey begins …



voru Ancient village of Voru Voru is one of the most ancient villages in Tajikistan. The village is situated at 2200 m above sea level and belongs to the Sughd region in the Northern part of Tajikistan and in the Fann mountains. Voru lies in the western part of the Fann Mountains and the northern part …

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Tajikistan in Solidarity

Tajikistan in Solidarity Around Tajikistan in 12 days TOUR DETAILS Period July – August Tour length and Participants 12 days / 11 nights, 4 – 10 participants Price from 933 € / person TOUR HIGHLIGHTS The benefits of your trip are donated to the organization Women Rockin’ Pamirs to pursue the professional development of women …

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Pamir culture

Pamir Culture Culture of Pamiri people Coming soon! Pamir House Coming soon! Symbolism in the Pamiri House Coming soon! Page updated 

Tajik Culture

Tajik Culture and traditions Tajik culture The culture of Tajikistan formed over several thousand years while it has absorbed many ideas from Zoroastrianism and Islam. Unlike other Central Asian countries, Tajikistan culture is quite close and similar to Afghanistan and Iran culture. Tight ties with Persia have left a profound impact on the literature and …

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