Katta Langar

Katta Langar​ Katta Langar Village​ Katta Langar (Langar ota sanctuary in Google Maps) village is a long gorge village located high up the Langar Valley at the foot of the Kamashinsky region mountain range and it is located  about 70 km south from Shakhrisabz. The village contains numerous old style clay brick houses and a …

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Pamir culture

Pamir Culture Culture of Pamiri people Coming soon! Page updated 

Tajik craft

Tajik Craft Tajik National Craft Coming soon! Page updated 

Tajik traditions

Tajik Traditions Tajikistan Traditions Coming soon! Page updated 

Tajik clothing

Tajik clothing Tajik National Clothing Coming soon! Page updated 


Babur Babur Coming soon! Page updated 


Amir Timur Amir Timur (1802-1847) Timur, Temur, Tarmashirin Khan, Emir Timur, or Amir Timur (9 April 1336 – 18 February 1405), widely known as Tamerlane was a Turkic ruler and conqueror. He founded the huge Timurid empire in today’s day it was the territory of Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran. Timur was known as an undefeated commander and …

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Gijduvon Gʻijduvon Gijduvon is also written G’jjduvon is a tiny town in the Bukhara region. The town was a cultural, mercantile, and religious center in the region. Today G’ijduvon is a commercial center for not only G’ijduvon district but also for neighboring areas. In Gijduvon located one of the three madrassahs constructed by Ulugh Beg was …

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