Rakhmanov Springs,
Lake and waterfall

Rakhmanov area in Kazakhstan

Rakhmanov springs

Rakhmanovsk springs constitute of several thermal springs, which are located at an altitude of 1760 meters above sea level, not far from the border crossing of Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia and China. The thermal waters of the Rakhmanov springs are popular for the treatment of various organs related to movement, spine and skin diseases.

The name of the area came from a hunter named Rachmanov who shot a deer close to the lake. The deer tumbled into the waters of the lake, which proved so reinvigorating that the wounded deer, to the astonishment of the hunter, was able to bounce off into the woods to its safety. The lake and the village also got his name in the 18th Century. Rachmaninov lived to the wise old age of 102 and the springs consequently got famous for their medicinal qualities.

Sanatorium "Spring Rakhmanov​"

The Sanatorium of Rakhmanov Springs lies close to the northwest coast of the Rakhmanov Lake and is accompanied by a tiny mountain village community. The water temperature of the Rakhmanovskiye Springs in the sanatorium ranges from +34 to +42 degrees. The water is filled with minerals – the combination of radon and nitrogen in the water is optimal for swimming and even drinking. Visitors come to Rakhmanovskiye springs to rest and for health improvement. The mountainous terrain, fresh air and crystal clear water are favorable for the human body in addition to the thermal mineral waters.

Lake Rakhmanov

Big Rakhmanov Lake is a body of water with the length of 2,6 km that is sandwiched between forested mountain slopes. Lake Rakhmanov lies in a deep valley of the Arasanka river, the left confluent of the Belaya river (basin of the Bukhtarma river). The lake sits at 1725 m above sea level in a small trough-like basi, and stretches itself from northwest to southeast. The water of the lake is of stunning greenish-blue color and the water is very clear with trans­parency of about 7,8 m. In summer, the surface temperature does not rise above 10 – 12 °C and the bottom temperature is 4,6 °C. 

Rakhmanov lake
Katon Karagai Rakhmanov waterfall

The low temperature of the lake is due to the high position and relatively deep water depth of 30,6 m, as well as to an inflow of water from cold sources from the surrounding mountains and other catchment area. High mountain ranges surround the lake on three sides. The mountains are coated with thin larch, cedars, birches, and wil­lows. The coastline vegetation is amaz­ingly beautiful with age-old cedars and dark green fir trees hemming the lake’s smooth surface. The Upper Arasan river flows into the lake, and the Lower Arasan (Rakhmanovka) flows out of it. Over 20 million m3 of water is accumulated in the Rakhmanov lake and the water is ultra-fresh, mild and subacid.

Waterfall Rakhmanov

The falls of Rakhmanovsky are also called “Volosy Veroniki” (hair of Veronika) and they are located on the northeast coast of the lake Rakhmanovsk in  in the valley of the river Arasan. Rakhmanov waterfall is a cascade type, powerful and picturesque waterfall. It is formed by the Arasan River, flowing from the Rakhmanov Lake. Heavy water cascades of waterfalls thunder down into the deep gorge of Bareli, acquiring a rapids character and rushes violently among the shale rocks and huge boulders. 

The upper stage of the cascade is especially impressive as it is the tallest. The height of the waterfall and the width of the stream of this step of the waterfall is about 6 m. The cascade ends into deep pit, dug by the water as a result of centuries of work. The valley of the Arasan River is located 6 km downwards from the resort village of Rakhmanov Spring.

Travel to Rakhmanov lake

You can get there from Berel as the track runs alongside the course of the Belaya Berel River, northwards and upwards for about 31km. About 30 km to the northeast, the road ends at Rakhmanov Spring. The road is rather terrible ad requires therefore a capable car to pass dirt road. In 1995t, President Nazarbayev visited the lake resorts and the locals requested him to improve the road. It is said that he refused saying that it keeps Rachmanov springs tourist-free and helps to “preserve the natural beauty” of the region. He himself travelled by a helicopter. 

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