2 days tour to Charyn Canyon
Kolsay and Kaindy lakes

Kaindy, Kolsai and Charyn tour from Almaty

Tour Details

Kaindy, Kolsai and Charyn tour Highlights

Experience the extraordinary beauty of Kazakhstan’s Kaindy, Kolsai, and Charyn on this captivating tour. Marvel at the surreal sight of Kaindy Lake’s submerged forest and crystal-clear waters, then venture to the alpine paradise of Kolsai Lakes, where three stunning lakes await amidst the Tien Shan mountains. Explore the rugged splendor of Charyn Canyon, carved over millennia by the Charyn River, offering a landscape reminiscent of another world. Capture breathtaking moments and find moments of relaxation by serene lakeshores. From thrilling adventures to tranquil reflections, this tour promises unforgettable experiences in Kazakhstan’s natural wonders.

Kaindy Kolsay Charyn 2 days tour
Kaindy Kolsay Charyn 2 days tour

Tour Details

  • Departure from Almaty
  • Charyn Canyon (196 km, approximately 3 hours)
  • Arrival at the Charyn canyon, a walk along the canyon with the scenic views (4 km both ways) adopted to beginners  as the area is flat (option: way back can be made by taxi – extra cost)
    Lunch: lunch box picnic
  • Departure to Saty village (guest house) (100 km, approx. 1,5 hour)
  • Departure to Lake Kaindy (15 km, approximately 40 minutes),
    hiking to the lake, 4 km (both ways). Hiking up to the lake one way 3 km – going up there by horses going down by old authentic Russian car UAZ – 3km back
  • Departure back to Saty village (15 km, approximately 40 minutes),
  • Dinner, sauna, campfire, free time


    Total travel time: 7 hours 
  • Breakfast in Saty (guest house)
  • Departure to Lake Kolsai (15 km approximately 20 minutes)
  • Arrival at Kolsai lake, walk (Boating, catamaran) or hiking back to village followed by lunch
  • Departure towards Almaty
  • Departure to the observation deck of the Black Canyon (60 km, approximately 50 minutes)
  • Optional dinner at the cafe in Baiseit village (with extra cost) Here you can enjoy famous delicious shashliks (duck/chicken fillet/chicken wings/lamb/vegetable/kebabs) or wait to have a dinner at the hotel by your own
  • Departure to Almaty (130 km, 1,5 hours)

Total travel time: 5 hours 

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Tour updated 1.3.2024

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