Mangustay 1 day jeep tour

DAY TRIP TO mANGuSTAy from Aktau

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Tour Highlights

During the tour, you will experience the magnificent sights of Western Kazakhstan Mangystay. Mangistau is a land of fantastic landscapes where you can feel like you are on Mars. The reason for the odd views is that this desert area used to be sea floor in the history.

A day tour is designed according to the destinations that can be reached and to still return back to the Aktau within a day. The program can be modified according to your preferences but adding more, especially destinations that are located further, can easily lengthen the total duration of the day trip.

Mangistau tour
Mangystay day trip from Aktau

Day tour Itinerary

During one day trip we will visit destinations such as Shopan-Ata (the temple and necropolis) Beket-Ata (underground mosque) and Bozzhira (upper observation deck).

In the morning driver will pick you up from the hotel or airport depending were you are staying in Aktau. 

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If you would like to customize your tour please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to organize a custom tour or to provide a modified itinerary based on one of the tours provided by the tour operators.

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