Soviet Mosaics, Murals and Buildings in Osh

The best way to explore Osh is by foot when you can stop to admire the small details. Osh has preserved a lot of its Soviet heritage in the form of  mosaics and murals. The Soviet construction boom in Osh occurred between 1970s and 1980s and therefore most of the Soviet works of art in Osh are from this period. Most of the Mosaics of Osh are little bit hidden away from the most obvious walking paths but still easily reached by walking in few hours or by utilizing the cheap taxis to cover the largest gaps. There are also some very nicely preserved Soviet buildings in Osh worth mentioning. Below you will find a list of the most worthy Osh Soviet heritage.


One of the most visible mosaics of Osh is the one called horsepower which is at the entrance of the Osh Agrarian Economic Institute building just next to the city’s main square and the enormous statue of Lenin.

A mosaic in Osh called the horse power


peace Osh Soviet mosaic


Fabric Osh Soviet mural

Olympic Misha

The themes of the mosaics in general seem to have taken ideas at least partly from the ongoing or coming events. This is the case clearly with the Soviet Olympic mascot called Mishka from the 1980. The current surroundings of the small bear are rather interesting in its dilapidated Soviet style housing block are with the Russian style small garages and dumpsters.

Soviet Mishka mosaic in Osh


Mosaics were designed as decoration, but there were also unique advertising mosaics like today’s advertising banners. One of the houses in Osh still has an advertisement for Aeroflot with the old phone numbers for booking the flights.


Osh drama theater bulding is a good example of Soviet theater architecture with blue tiled mosaics on both sides of it.

Drama Osh Soviet mural
drama theatre in Osh

Glory to Work

Glory to work is also well visible on one of the most busy central crossings of Osh.

Glory to Work Osh Soviet Murals​

Soviet Buildings in Osh

Osh State University

Osh State University

Osh school

soviet building osh

Statue of Kurmanzhan Datka in front of a Soviet House

Kurmanjan Datka has a large statue in the corner of Masalyev and Razakov streets. She is highly revered especially in Southern Kyrgyzstan due to her wisdom and the status as the Queen of the Southern Kyrgyzstan. 

osh soviet building
soviet house osh
Lenin head in one of the soviet building

Osh main square and the city administration

Osh main square is rather ascetic with the large empty asphalt area between the administration building and the park next to it. There are also more Soviet views behind the city administration building added with some Kyrgyz monuments.

Osh soviet building

Osh Lenin statue

The main Square of Osh still has the country’s largest Lenin with no hurry to move anywhere. It is the second largest Lenin of Central Asia after the one in Khujand.

Osh Lenin

Osh history museum

Osh history museum might not look like much from the outside but the inside is pure Soviet with the enormous amounts of white marble and large exhibition halls and chandeliers.

Osh history museum

Other sights & destinations in Osh

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