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photo hunting tour

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Photo hunting Siberian ibex, Marco Polo sheep, Tien Shan sheep, snow leopard, Wolf, Marmot, Hare, bird Ular, Keklik in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. The base camp provides its clients with comfortable rooms, a sauna, a separate dining room.

Features of the conduct: photo hunting is carried out on horses from the approach. The height of habitat of mountain animals is from 3000–5000 meters.

Photo hunting area: Issyk-Kul, Jeti-Oguz region 7-10 days of travel / 4-6 photo hunting days

Tour Itinerary

Arrival in Bishkek, Rest 2-3 hours (at the request of the client). Transfer to Base Camp. Accommodation in the Base Camp. The road from Bishkek to the Camp will take 8-11 hours.

Rest, adaptation (it is possible to go to the mountains, at the request and condition of the client)

Photoshoot, return to the Base Camp

Rest in the Base.

Return to Bishkek

Departure from Manas airport

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