Horse riding tour around Song-Kol Lake

Song-Kol Lake – 4 Days tour



If you want to experience nomadic life and combine it with horse riding to Song-Kol Lake, then this four-day journey is perfect for you. See the best of 4-days horse riding on the most popular horseback riding itinerary of Kyrgyzstan – Song-Kol lake. You’ll ride horse in mountains, sleep in boz-ui, a traditional yurt of the Kyrgyz people.

horse riding tour to Son Kul
4 days horse riding tour to Son Kul


Let’s explore the country! This morning you will drive to Kyzart village. The drive time is five hours, so you will arrive in the village by the lunchtime. Before you will get on your horse, you have a lunch in local guesthouse. After a brief demonstration of horse riding from your guide, you will set off on journey on horse towards to Kilemche pasture, following Chaar-Archa River. We will continue our tour to the Kilemche Valley, where we will stay overnight with a local shepherd’s family, who will welcome us cordially with a cup of tea. The reminder of the day you will spend with the family watching their daily life. For hiking lovers, the valley is a great place to stroll over the mountains around.

Enjoy a supper under a starry night sky in this beautifully wild landscape and get ready to spend your first night at boz-ui – a traditional yurt of the Kyrgyz people. 

Fast facts: 280 km transfer – 4-5h.  / 22 km of horse riding – 6-7 hours. Overnight at yurt

After breakfast in Kilemche, you will continue the journey on horse to Jalgyz-Karagai pass (3400m) on the way to Song-Kol Lake. The pass provides a great panoramic view to both – Song-Kol lake and Kilemche valley on other side. After a while enjoying the view and giving a break for the horses, the ride continues across grassy hills, home to grazing herds of sheep, goat, horse, and cattle. 

In the warm summer months, nomad families will be busy with daily chores including milking cows and horses. You will arrive in yurt camp by the lake for lunch and fuel up with a hearty lunch before hitting the road again. You will have about two hours more of horse riding on the trail by the lake until you reach the Tuz-Ashuu pasture, where the local shepherd’s family will cordially welcome you with a bowl of kymyz – a national Kyrgyz drink made from horse milk. 

The remainder of the day you will spend with the family watching their daily life. For hiking lovers, the valley is a great place to stroll over the mountains around.

Fast facts: 18 km of horse riding – 6-7 hours. Overnight at yurt

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at yurt and start your another day dedicated to horse riding. Get on your horse and begin your journey to the eastern part of the lake following the path by the shore. The ride is smooth and easy offering an opportunity to enjoy both the lake and mountain landscapes often coming into direct view. As you will make the half of the way, you will linger for lunch at shepherds’ yurt. On the second half of the day, as we get more confident on horse, we will try to do a gallop since the lakeshore offers a great opportunity to run for the horses. In the evening, we will arrive at the camp on the western side of the lake where a dinner will be waiting for us. Before going to our bed, we will watch the stars. The stars are especially bright over Song-Kol Lake!

Fast facts: 21 km of horse riding – 6 hours. Overnight at yurt

Take some extra time to enjoy the scenery of Song-Kol lake before you start the journey. With mountains in the background, the lake looks even more beautiful in the morning sunlight. 

Once you get on your horse again, choose the upper trail for better views of the lake and make your way towards Kara-Kiya pass (3350 m). From here, the ride is fairly moderately strenuous as you will descend towards the village, then spend the last hours of smooth riding until you will reach the village. 

On arrival, you will have a lunch at guesthouse. Following your plans, you’ll drive back to Bishkek

Fast facts: 22 km of horse riding – 5 hours. 280 km transfer – 4-5h.



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