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In this page we have collected reviews that our previous customers have provided us. We collect reviews to continuously improve the travel experiences provided by our local partners. Please contact us if you wish to leave a review. 


"We finished the Mangystau tour a few days ago with Ruslan, and the reliable drivers Catherine and Edoard, the whole group I accompanied was very happy with the surprising beauties that the desert offered us. Thanks for the excellent organization."
Lorella Pornaro, 2023

Highlights of 3 Stans

"The trip was wonderful. Very well organized. Cars were new and specious. Drivers and guide were friendly and helpful. Hotels were great except the guesthouse where the sand dunes were. The only one area that I would think needs improvement is like how many dollar each geust is entitled to for dinner in Uzbekistan. My guide in Uzbakistan told me 8 to $10 Which could buy us only ok food while in Kazakistan and Kyrgyzstan each time we had wonderful dinner. Overall very pleasant with our trip. Will do Azarbaijan, Armania and Georgia with you next year. Thanks once again"
Mohammed Daud, 2023

Sarez Lake and Fann Mountains,

"We enjoyed the trip! We have returned to Singapore already 🙂 Thanks for the help to organise things with Sherali!"
Amo Fung, 2023


"The experience in Mangistau is something we will always bring in our heart. It was incredible and the best we could imagine. Aqtau was such an amazing guide, he treated us like daughters and behaved like a father. We are so grateful also for spending time with the community in the Mosque and all the people were so kind in welcoming us. We are only sorry that we couldn’t understand the language and we probably missed speaking more. At first it was difficult because we couldn’t find him as he was waiting outside and we had difficulties in contacting him also due to the language. Maybe as an improvement it would be best to wait in the arrivals area or to give an exact phone number. But then all went well when we found him and as I said the experience was fantastic. Among the things we saw in our trip it was the most unique and breathtaking! We would be grateful if you could say hi to Aqtau from our part and tell him that we always remember him with a big smile 😊 ♥️"
Beatrice Fabri. 2023


"Driver Mr Denis: Very good driver and guide - not even harsh road conditions could stop him. He knew many facts about the sites we visited ... including best stops for having a relaxed walk or taking beautiful picutres. Last but not least: The camping breakfast he personally prepared in the morning of the 2nd day was really delicious ... like in a "real" restaurant! Restaurant in Zharaozen: We stopped here on the 1st day for lunch and dinner. Good variety of tasty local cuisine. Quick service. Overnight stay in Shetpe: Very clean bedroom and bathroom with warm water all night long. To put it in a nutshell: I am fully satisfied with the tour. Within only 2 days, I saw many natural sights out of the incredible Mangistau treasure! My entire trip to Kazakhstan would not have been the same without this excursion at all! If being asked about Kazakhstan, probably not many people would expect such breathtaking landscapes. I am convinced it was a good decision to add this tour option to your offer of Kazakhstan jeep excursions."
Reiner Harland, 2023

Highlights of Kyrgyzstan – 4 Days

"The Highlights of Kyrgyzstan 4 Days Tour organized by Nargiza through the Central Asia Guide company and run by Aman was an exceptional experience, one filled with many exciting memories in which I would recommend to individuals of any gender, age, from all nations. This trip overseas was my first post COVID -19 overseas trip and the Highlights of Kyrgyzstan 4 Days Tour was not one to disappoint. I landed in Bishkek on the evening of the 18 th of December (Monday) and waiting for me was the driver whom Aman organized to drop me off at the hostel I stayed at. Meeting me at the hostel was Aman and my counterpart for the tour, Mumin. Aman showed us to Bishkek Central in which I was able to withdraw Kyrgyz Som to pay for the tour as they don’t convert AUD to Kyrgyz Som at the airport. Aman was flexible with the itinerary of the tour and offered to include Skiing in the package for a small additional cost, however, this plan was scraped the next morning (Tuesday) when the tour started as we realized that we wouldn’t have time to complete all these activities in the time period.
The itinerary of the tour took us to many stunning places including Kara-Balta, Too-Ashu pass, Kyzyl-Oi village, Kyzart village, Song-Kol Lake, Ysyk-Kol Lake and back to Bishkek. Despite it being cold throughout many stages of the tour, the experience was nonetheless well worth it. The highlights of the tour would be having lunch in the freezing cold weather by the Kara-Balta River surrounded by the beautiful scenery, horse riding in extremely cold weather to Song-Kol Lake, despite already horse riding in Mongolia the week prior as the terrain in Kyrgyzstan and horses are different to the Mongolian terrain and horses. Getting to see how a Kyrgyz Boz-Ui was like for the first time at Song-Kol Lake as the design of the Boz-Ui is different to the Mongolian Ger however we didn’t sleep in the Boz Ui as it was warmer inside the bigger adjacent tent. Meeting the Kyrgyz Eagle hunters and witnessing his demonstration on eagle hunting.
After our drive back to Bishkek (Friday), we went shooting and had a farewell dinner with our amazing tour guide Aman before I was dropped off at my hostel. The tour had ended; however, many amazing memories will live on. Aman had organized for another driver to drop me off at the airport the next morning. The tour was an amazing experience as it was organized and delivered to a high standard. The homestay places that we stayed at were all outstanding. Aman our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and flexible with how the tour was run. I’d recommend the Highlights of Kyrgyzstan 4 Days Tour to anyone.
Trung Ngo, December 2023

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