Pamir Tour without crossing to Kyrgyzstan

Tajikistan Pamir tour without crossing to Kyrgyzstan

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Pamir without crossing to Kyrgyzstan - tour highlights

As the border between Tajik Pamir and Kyrgyz Alay valley is closed, we have prepared a Pamir tour with alternative route fully inside Tajikistan.

What you will see:
Tajikistan’s remote areas, almost no human/life in radius of hundred km and high possibility to observe wild animals like Marko Polo sheep / first Russian post / Wakhan fortresses / wild life safari / petroglyphs 

What you will enjoy: Visiting ancient fortresses / bathing in hot springs / amazing scenery of the Afghan Hindu-Kush /  Pamiri hospitality / sceneries of Afghanistan along Panj river 

bulunkul lake, pamir without kyrgyzstan tour
view from yamchun forttress in pamir. Pamir without kyrgyzstan tour

Pamir Tour Tajikistan Itinerary

Accomodation in Atlas hotel 4* 
Lunch in Forel restaurant.
Dinner in Rohat teahouse. 


  • Mehrgon bazaar
  • Museum of antiquities
  • Downtown Dushanbe (Somoni monument, Dusti square, National library, Rudaki Park, Flag -Park)

Accommodation at Roma homestay 
in Kulob 
Dinner in Roma’s homestay 


  • Norak lake viewpoint stop
  • Khulbuk Fortress/museum
  • Shurabad pass
  • Short walk at Boboi Jamol
  • Sceneries of Afghanistan along Panj river

Accommodation in Emerald Inn 
in Qalot 
Dinner in Chorbogh 


  • Drive along Panj river with photo stops
  • Experience the Pamir highway road advanture
  • Nasir Khusraw shrine in Porshinev 

Accommodation Aydarmamad Pamiri house 
in Ishkashim 
Dinner at Aydarmamad’s homestay 


  • Garm Chashma thermal-hotspring
  • Spinel mountain Kuhi Lal
  • Qah-Qaha ancient Fortification
  • Bibi Fatima hotspring
  • Yamchun ancient fortress
  • Yamg museum and observatory

Accommodation Sharob 
in Hisor (Dawlatkhon) 
Dinner in Sharob’s homestay 


  • Vrang Bhudda Stuppa
  • Langar Petroglyphs 
  • Khargush pass 
  • Pamir Highway Junction
  • Bulunkul: coldest village of Tajikistan

Accommodation at Erkin’s homestay 
in Murghab 
Dinner in Erkin’s homestay 


  • Alichur valley
  • Neizatash pass
  • Chatyr tash rock formation
  • High mountain platue
  • Ak balik pond
  • First Russian post
  • Ak baital pass 4655 m

Accommodation Ghudara homestay
Dinner at homestay Ghudara 


  • Wild life safari
  • One of the remotest area of Tajikistan
  • Almost no human/life in radius of hundred km
  • High possibility to observe wild animals like Marko Polo sheep 

Accommodation Tavallo’s homestay 
in Siponj 
Dinner at Tavallo’s homestay 


  • Bartang valley and river with it’s famous gorges
  • Short walks at random rural Pamir villages
  • Photo stops
  • Hike to Jizev village 

Accommodation Khumb homestay
in Qalot 
Dinner in Khumb homestay 


  • Joining Pamir highway
  • Partly same route as during the arrival

Accommodation at Atlas 
in Blue Lake 
Dinner in Dushanbe 


  • Khaburabat Pass (Sagirdasht) 3255 m
  • Original Pamir highway
  • Tavildara valley
  • Rogun dam and reservoir

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Tour updated 5.11.2022

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