kekemeren River Valley

Kekemeren River Valley

Kekemeren river valley is located in the northwestern part of Naryn region, about a 250 km drive from Bishkek between the Suusamur and Son Kul areas. One of the most beautiful road views in Kyrgyzstan is placed here between the Suusamyr and Jumgal valleys, where the the powerful Kekemeren river also flows along the winding road. The length of the valley is about 30 kilometers and it is formed of red and yellow rocks and they form an amazing contrast with greenery, that grows in the southern slopes of the gorge and with the remarkable blue color of the stormy and full-flowing river. You can best see the colorful slopes from the opposite shore where there are trees and small lagoons. Looking at the opposite shore you can also admire the the amazing canyons of Kyzyl-Korgon (“Red shelter”). 

Kekemeren river has been formed by the confluence of the Suusamy river and West Karakol river. Ther river runs 200 km in the gorge of the Inner Tian Shan and joins into the Naryn River in the west and finally runs all the way to the Toktogul Reservoir. Along the gorge there is a tiny lake Ayk-Kël’ on the top of a mountain. 

You can reach the valley by car or bike from Kochkor, Suusamur valley or from Toktogul reservoir area by the road that runs along the river. At the edges of the river there are excellent spots for exploring and a picnics. The area of Kekemeren gorge is also very popular with rafting enthusiasts. The rafting in the river can be dangerous due to the fact that the river is very strong and therefore it requires prior experience from rafting.

Sights near Kekemeren River Valley

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