Dushanbe - Osh, Pamir Tour (Nature photograph tour)

Dushanbe - Osh, Pamir Tour (Nature photograph tour)


Dushanbe – Osh, Pamir tour (Nature photograph tour)
Dushanbe – Kalai Kum – Korong – Yamg – Alichur – Muzdairyk valley – Karakul lake – Sary mogul – Tulpar Kul – Osh

1)  It is also possible to organize this tour in opposite direction. (From Osh to Dushanbe). This is the most popular tour itinerary Between Osh and Dushanbe. However, it is possible to do some changes when you are in Pamir.
2)  In order to see and take pictures of snow leopard from closer distance, you have to stay in mountains of Pamir for some days. We know well the locations where snow leopards often stay and live. One must really be patient and wait covered in a tent until they choose to appear.
If you really wish to see snow leopard, then we can offer a special snow leopard safari, which takes more days than the usual tours.


Tour Itinerary

Our guide and driver will meet you at airport of Dushanbe and take you to the hotel for a few hour rest. Afternoon if you are not tired we can go out for sightseeing of Dushanbe. To see the Tajik national Museum of antiquity and Rudaki park are possible places to be visited. For dinner, we go out and breakfast in the hotel.

Today we will drive 370 km within about seven hours. On the way, you can observe many interesting sides. After 55 km, we see the Norak water dam. This is one of the 30 biggest hydropower in the world and the 10th biggest in CIS with the power of 3000 MW.

Later in the Vose district, we stop to see the Khoja Mumin salt mountain named after a local hero who rose against the Emir of Bukhara in the 19th century. It has been estimated that is contains 50-60 million tons of salt. Then we come to the ancient city of Hulbuk that was built from 9th to 11th centuries under the Samanid dynasty. During soviet time, many archaeologists did excavations on the site, and found many artefacts, which are now displayed in the Museum of National antiquities in Dushanbe. 

20 km from Vose is the large town of Kulob. In this town, there is the mausoleum of Khoja Mir Sayid Hamadomi, a poet and scholar of the 14th century. He was born in Hamadan, in Iran; he is famous for having spread the word of Islam in Kashmir. He died in Afghanistan and was buried here. We also see many Afghan villages on other side of the river. Dinner and breakfast in the home stay.

It is 270 km. After 87 km we come close to Vanj valley, where is checkpoint here we have to show our passports. Passing the checkpoint a valley goes up to, Vanj district where is the world famous Fechenko glacier. In addition, we see many different villages and different people and culture. For dinner, we go out somewhere. Breakfast in the hotel. 

It is 210 km way drive. On the way, there are many hot springs and historical sites but we visit the bests of them. They are the Yamchun hot spring and Yamchun fort, Yamg Pamiri house Museum of Muboraki Vakhoni, and some shrines on the way. Here we have choice; if you want, we can stay in a traditional Pamiri house or in a guesthouse. Dinner and breakfast in the home stay

Today we drive 180 km. Afternoon we leave the famous Vakhan valley, then turn to the left where we have checkpoint. Here we again show our passports. 35km to north through Khargush pass (4344m) we join to the Pamir high way (M41). Somewhere here we have pick nick. Then we turn to the left again to visit Bulun Kol and Jashil Kol lakes. After taking pictures, we take an off road to Alichur village. On the way, we stop to the gazer. Dinner and breakfast in a home stay.

Morning after breakfast we drive 30 minutes to Muzdairyk valley where we start our journey on yak back. Here we see our yaks and yak men. We travel on yak about three hours. On the way, we could see Marco Polo sheep or Ibex. Pick nick somewhere on the way in nature.

Afternoon we continue our journey, either on yak or on foot. It is up to you. The aim is to see Marco Polo sheep, get closer and take a good picture. Evening we come back to Alichur. Dinner and breakfast in same home stay.

Today we drive 240 km on the M41. On the way, we stop in Murgab town to have lunch. After lunch, we walk a bit through the small bazaar of Murgab then continue our journey towards Karakul village. On the way, we stop on top of Akbaital pass (4655 m) to take picture.

Evening we walk by the lake waiting the golden hours. (Karakul is the largest lake in Tajikistan and highest in Central Asia lake. It situated on 1915m high from the sea level. Moreover, it is the last Kyrgyz village in Tajikistan, after Karakul starts Kyrgyz border. It is also possible to see the south pace of the magic Lenin Peak from Karakul village dinner and breakfast in the home stay. 

If weather will be good you have an opportunity to see the famous Lenin Peak from north pace and get closer. It is 140 km. On the way we will cross the international border between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. It takes aboutt 40 minute to pass the border. After border, we head down and reach the famous Alay valley with high mountains above 6000 m, covered with snow.

Lunch in Sary Tash village or if we get earlier, we have lunch in Sary Mogol village. Afternoon we drive another 25 km in order to reach closer to the Lenin Peak. It takes about 30 minutes’ drive. There are is a yurt camp by the beautiful Tulpar Kul Lake. It is amazing view of Lenin Peak from here. We relax walking by the lake or up to small hill to admire the beauty of the Peak. Dinner and breakfast in a yurt stay.

Today we have an early breakfast. Because after having breakfast we start walking up to Lenin Peak. It is long walk to reach the top but we try to reach to the Pupishestvennikov pass (4150m). On the way, we see the base camp for mountaineers, which is left from Soviet Union. We have picnic up there. It is amazing view from here. We stay here for few minutes to admire the beauty of Lenin Peak. Then we walk back to the camp. Dinner and breakfast in the same yurt stay.

 We drive 255 km on a good highway. On the way, there are many villages. Lunch in Osh city. (Osh is the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan with more than 45 different ethnicities and is also called the capital of South Kyrgyzstan. Afternoon we discover Osh city. Osh has a big and interesting bazaar. In the evening we visit the famous Suleiman Too mountain which is situated in the heart of Osh. There is also unusual cave Museum. For dinner, we go out to city. In the evening we take you to airport and say goodbye.

Tour information

This tour requires normal physical condition. There will be some walking in easy and moderate terrains.

What to bring with you: Comfortable walking/hiking shoes, warm clothes, rain clothes, sunscreen, cap for the sun and sun glasses, personal medications.


Total price

  • 1 pax 1518 $ 
  • 2 pax 1732 $ 
  • 3 pax 1957 $ 
  • 4 pax 2196 $

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