South Kyrgyzstan Tour

South Kyrgyzstan Tour


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This tour to Kyrgyzstan will introduce you to the natural beauty of South Kyrgyzstan. South Kyrgyzstan is stretched around the Fergana valley, which is mostly Uzbek territory therefore the culture in Southern Kyrgyzstan is somewhat different from the other regions that are separated from it by mountains.

During this trip, you will see very different scenery and nature of South Kyrgyzstan from low areas and cities like Osh to the high alpine valleys and huge mountains of Alay. Lush nut and fruit forests and the turquoise-colored lakes and waterfalls of Arslanbob and Sary Chelek are the highlights of the tour. 

Sary Chelek reflection
Tulpar Kol lakes in Alay valley, Kyrgyzstan


Our journey starts from Osh city which is the oldest city in the region and was one of the strategic points during the Silk Road hey day. In the Osh city, we visit the main heritage site called Suleiman-Too with unusual cave-museum and sacred places for local people. Afternoon, we visit central market which is more than 3000 years old with unique masters of hand-made iron staffs (blacksmith). In the evening, we will have welcome dinner in a famous Eastern, local style restaurant.

Accommodation in hotel in Osh

During the second day we start exploring of the most beautiful nature sights of Southern Kyrgyzstan. Our first destination is the Tulpar-Kul group of lakes, located under the peak “Lenin” which is more than 7 km high. On the way we will have several stops which will present us with the colorful mountains and the famous “pamir” highway. The main highlights will be in Uch-Tobo village with high triple mountain and “taldyk” pass with is 3000 meters from the sea level. In the evening, we arrive to yurt camp and enjoy the sunset after the long travel.

– Accommodation in yurt camp
– Distance of driving: 240 km (5-6 hours)

After the breakfast, in the highest valley in the Alay region, we start our hiking. During the hiking we visit first base camp of Lenin peak which is very famous destination for alpinists from all over the world. The final point of hiking will be a waterfall and an oil field. After having a lunch in the yurt camp, we have a back transfer to Osh city.

– Accommodation in hotel
– Distance of driving: 240 km (5-6 hours)
– Level of hike: average

In the morning we start our way to Jalal-Abad province where we explore the largest natural walnut forest in the world called “Arslanbop”. By arriving to local village, we take Soviet jeep-cars to discover two waterfalls and the amazing forest full of walnut and fruit trees. Riding in old cars will give you unusual and somewhat extreme experience. For the evening we stay in local guest house and have delicious dinner from our host family.

– Accommodation in guest house
– Distance of driving: 170 km (3-4 hours)
– Level of hike: average

In the morning, we start moving towards the Sary-Chelek and the village of Arkyt. After 5 hours drive we will have a free day in the village where we can enjoy a free walk around village and also, we can have meditation along the river side. This flexible day will be preparation for next day.

– Accommodation in hotel
– Distance of driving: 220 km (4-5 hours)

Starting from early morning, we drive to the main lake of Sary Chelek reserve, where we start our trekking to the other 5 beautiful lakes in the vicinity of the main lake. During the trekking you will be able to see unbelievable nature which is not usual for other parts of Kyrgyzstan. In the last lake we can have small picnic and swimming in the lake. During this day you definitely need smartphone or a camera to photograph the amazing views. Close to evening we return back to hotel.

Depending on your willingness we can have horseback riding instead of trekking to the lakes

– Accommodation in hotel
– Distance of driving; 20 km (1 hour)
– Level of hiking: average

Distance of driving: 520 km/300 km (7-8 hours / 4-5 hours)


Please note that it is also possible to organize this tour starting from Bishkek (car transport through Suusamur Valley) and to have a flight back to Bishkek at the end of the tour! If this is ideal for you, please ask for further information!


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If you would like to customize your tour please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to organize a custom tour or to provide a modified itinerary based on one of the tours provided by the tour operators.

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