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2 days Tashkent - Bukhara Tour

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Bukhara was boasting for centuries with diverse madrasas, attracting the finest minds of the East with its cultural and commercial spirit and well-earned title Bukhara the Holy. Trade has always been the most popular occupation here and today the people of Bukhara still dedicate themselves to this business with pleasure.  This 2-day tour takes you to the magnificent old town of Bukhara which has always been a vital point on the route of silk transit from China and Central Asia to the countries of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. 

Bukhara two days tour
Bukhara two days tour

Tour Itinerary

06.30 Meeting at Tashkent railway station (Northern) & take Tashkent – Bukhara Afrosiyob bullet train at 07.28 am.
11.15 Arrival Bukhara & pick up in Kogon railway station.
11.30 Start city tour by visiting the holy place.

Places that will be visited during the first day:
1. Bahavuddin Naqshbandiy Shrine (XVI)
 – Located in Kogon district, Bukhara province. He used to be a very famous saint & founder of Naqshbandiya tariqat & world- Islamic religious scientist.

2. Ismail Samanid Mausoleum (IX-X) 
– An ancient architectural monument located in the territory of the Bukhara City Park of Culture & Leisure, the mausoleum of the founder of the Samanid state Ismail Samani & his descendants (864 – 868). The mausoleum is one of the first mausoleums in the history of Central Asian architecture & art, & is a great architectural masterpiece that preserves the traditions of ancient Sughd architecture.

3) Chashma Ayub Complex (XIV-XVII)
 – The building of the shrine is rectangular (19X26m) & consists of 4 rooms stretching from west to east, each room is covered with different domes. Initially, the oldest room – a square well (19x26m) was built.

4) Bolo Hauz Mosque (1712)
 – The large domed mosque of the Bolo Havuz mosque was built in 1712, the courtyards & rooms in the XIX century, the porch in 1915-1917, & a separate minaret near the mosque by Master Shirin Murodov & Master Hafizov. Friday prayers are still being held in this mosque.

 Dinner in Lyabi Havuz restaurant.

5) Ark of Bukhara (I BC)
 – The Ark was originally built in the 1st century BC. Prior to the Arab conquest, the Ark was inhabited by the mayors of Bukhara. It was rebuilt during the Samanids period (IX-X) & fortified with walls & towers. During the Karakhanids period (XI-XII) & the Mongol invasion (XIII), the Ark was destroyed several times.

End of city tour & back to the hotel for rest.
19.00 Dinner in Lyabi Hauz restaurant.

Overnight in hotel in Bukhara

07.00 – 09.00 Breakfast at hotel restaurant & check out formalities from the hotel.
09.00 Continue city tour in Bukhara & visit:

6) Minaret Kalan (1127) – Minaret Kalan was once a tower, & when it collapsed, it was rebuilt. At one time, Minaret Kalan served as an overseer, & for religious purposes, in particular, to invite people to the Poi Kalon Mosque for Eid prayers & Friday prayers. Some sources suggest that this was a spectacle place of execution for the public during
the Bukhara Emirate.

7) Masjid Kalan (XIV-XVI)
 – Architectural monument in Bukhara. Construction on the remains of an ancient XII century building began in the XIV & XV centuries & was restored in the early XVI century. (identified as a result of archeological excavations in & around the mosque courtyard).

8) Mir Arab Madrasah
 (1530-1536) – Located in the opposite of Masjid Kalan & near Minaret Kalan. The Bukhara khanate was built by Sheikh Abdullah in 1530-1536 at the expense of a gift from the classic poet Ubaydullah. The madrasah embodies the traditional design & sculpture of Central Asian religious schools.

9) Toqi Zargaran & Toqi Telpakfurushan (XVI) old bazaars
 – Taqi Zargaran (persian: jewelers’ dome) is a shopping centre in Bukhara dedicated to the sale of architectural monuments & jewelry. Taqi Zargaran is the largest & most difficult building complex among other Taqis in Bukhara. Taqi Telfakfurushan (Persian: local cap sellers’ dome) is a domed building in Bukhara, an architectural monument for the production & sale of hats. According to the foundation’s documents, it was built at the intersection of 5 streets connected from different directions (1570-1571).

10) Lyabi Hauz Complex (XVII)
 – Architectural monument in Bukhara. Originally, it was a market square. A large ditch was dug in the middle of the square (1620) & the perimeter was fortified with sinks, stairs made of rocks & marble gutters. It is filled with gravel & soil. The pool is 36 m wide & 45.5 m high. The depth is 5 m.

Lunch in local restaurant or guesthouse restaurant
14.30 End of city tour & transfer to Bukhara Kogon railway station to catch the Bukhara – Tashkent Afrosiyob train at 15.50.
19.40 Arrival to Tashkent & end of travel services.

Tour Itinerary

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