Turgen gorge

Turgen gorge

The Turgen gorge along the Turgen river is one of the most picturesque in the mountains of the Northern Tien Shan. The gorge is situated in the Ile Alatau National Park, south from the Turgen town and 11 km East from the Esik settlement and 70 km East from Almaty.  

This beautiful, densely forested gorge has been slowly cut out of the rock by the white waters of Turgen River originating from the high mountains glaciers of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountain range. In the gorge you can find Аlpine meadows, old  forests and one can admire the high peaks of the mountains around the gorge. Furthermore, there are also waterfalls such as “Bear waterfall” and “Kairak waterfall”. 

Turgen Waterfalls

Bear Waterfall (Medvezhy Waterfall)

Bear Waterfall is located at an altitude of 1559 meters above sea level and is a part of the Turgen river. The waterfall drops down from a cliff with 30-meter height. The waterfall is placed in the beautiful area, a stormy and foamy stream of water literally cuts into the rock, like trying to break through it. 

Kairak Waterfall

Kairak Waterfall is placed on the Bozgul River, on the branch of the Turgen River. The path is about 8 km, you need to walk in the forest, it may take approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. Kairak waterfall is the largest of the seven waterfalls in the Turgen Gorge. The height of the Kairak waterfall is more than 55 m. It’s a very powerful and rapid stream and the power of it has created a tunnel in the rock.  Kairak Waterfall is surrounded by steep rocky slopes, covered by a thick forest.

Turgen Trout Farm

In this well-known trout farm, you can catch yourself (if willing) the “royal fish” rainbow salmon and get it fried for lunch. No special skills are required and the trout will be hooked within a minute. The fish costs about 2000 tenge for a kilo and another about 500 tenge to grill the fish. You can eat at the location or have the fish as a take away and eat it elsewhere. There are always a lot of cars and buses parked and it is a very popular place among the visitors of the Turgen gorge.  

Sights near Turgan Gorge

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