Private tour in Kyrgyzstan

Private tour in Kyrgyzstan

Are you looking for a private custom made tour in Kyrgyzstan taking into account your special needs and wishes? Central Asia Guide is happy to show you the best sights according to your liking. We have explored Kyrgyzstan thoroughly and now even the most remote less known secrets that Kyrgyzstan is filled with. Kyrgyzstan is not a place where you will meet many other tourists but with our private tours you can be sure to experience something off the beaten path.

We are also happy to recommend different kind of custom made tours based on our experience.

Private nature tour in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is full of amazing mountain nature with lush valleys to explore. If you like admiring the nature or fishing in the mountain rivers or bird watching, contact us and we can organize you the private tour according to your preferences. Below we are presenting some examples of the locations we could include in your private Kyrgyzstan tour.

Private mountain lake & waterfall tour in Kyrgyzstan

The best known lakes of Kyrgyzstan are Issyk Kul and Son Kul but there are about 2000 others as well. Many of them are extremely hard to reach but even after leaving them out of the picture, there are still hundreds of extremely beautiful lakes to explore ranging from lowland lakes with lush greenery to lakes residing just next to the glaciers feeding them with icy cold water. 

Kyrgyzstan is also the home to hundreds of waterfalls. The Shaar waterfall we present below has just recently been discovered by tourists even though it is the highest waterfall of all Central Asia. Most of the valleys in Kyrgyzstan have waterfalls hidden inside them. 

Private culture and history tour in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is the place to learn about the lively nomad culture and of the ancient kingdoms that resided here during the silk road and both earlier and later times. It is a well kept secret that Kyrgyzstan is full of remains of medieval walled cities and fortresses. They are not often very well established but the fact that you can see the pottery laying on the ground and the half buried vast wine containers as they were left, adds something to the experience.

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