Northern Kyrgyzstan Nature Tour

Northern Kyrgyzstan Nature Tour



Northern Kyrgyzstan Nature Tour will introduce you with the natural beauty and the still strongly rooted, proud nomadic traditions of Kyrgyzstan. 

Kyrgyzstan was also an essential part of the Great Silk Route wit three branches of the route as Pamir-Alay, Southern and Northern routes pass through Kyrgyzstan. This trip will allow you to plunge deeply into the life of nomadic Kyrgyz and to feel the harmonious beauty of Kyrgyz nature. 

You will experience high mountains, long and narrow valleys, cold rivers, noble lakes and herds of horses and sheep in wild pastures between the high peaks and yurts dotting the scenery and not forgetting the Issyk Kul – The Pearl of Kyrgyzstan and whole central Asia.

Orange stone humanlike characters in Skazka Fairytale canyon near Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan
Issyk Kul beach


Arrival to Bishkek, meeting a local guide at the airport. You will be picked up to the Manas international airport and brought to the hotel in Bishkek, where you can have rest after the flight. In the afternoon, visit to the Ala-Archa National Park (40 km, 1 hour drive) from Bishkek. Walking at the mountain area takes 2-3 hour on an easy terrain. Dinner at a restaurant in Bishkek.

Accommodation: Hotel in Bishkek.

After breakfast at the hotel we will leave to Issyk Ata valley. We drive for 2 hours, 77 kilometres away from Bishkek, to the height of 1775 meters from the sea level. The slopes of the mountains surrounding Issyk Ata have numerous alpine meadows to be explored. After lunch at a roadside cafe we continue to Cholpon Ata town at the Issyk-Kul lake. The trip through the Boom gorge where the Chui rivers accelerates, takes about 3 hours. On arrival at the Lake Issyk-Kul (CholponAta) – accommodation in the hotel on the northern shore. Dinner at the hotel / national cuisine restaurant.

Accommodation: Guest house in Cholpon Ata.

After breakfast at 8:00 and one hour drive (60 km) to Gregorievska valley we will arrive to a place for hiking, bird watching and taking photos on an moderate terrain. We spend there 2-3 hours.

The canyon is one of the most famous sights in Issyk Kul with sweet smell of pine trees, green mountain slopes, the noise of a mountain river and high-altitude lakes. Beautiful Tien-Shan firs also grow in Gregorevka canyon. In the spring time, the mountain slopes of the Grigorevka canyon are covered with red mountain poppies, which are spread like a carpet across the valley. A stormy glacial water of crystal purity rushes along the bottom of the canyon.

Lunch is at the Gregorevka canyon in Yurt camp/picnic. After lunch we go further to Semenovskiy canyon and spend there another 2 hours. It is another beautiful place for exploring the nature and photography. Among other things, you will see here a canyon under the name of “Chinese wall”. Return back to accommodation, dinner and a possibility for swimming.

Accommodation: Guest house in Cholpon Ata

Breakfast at the accommodation. Trip to Karkara canyon which is situated at 2200 metres above sea level in the very eastern part of the Issyk Kul region. It takes about 2 and half hours to drive there.

It is very beautiful place with history and a legend of Temerlan related to a big pile of stones that we will see. We will have a picnic lunch on the way. You will have an opportunity to go for hiking, horseback riding, bird watching or taking photos. The Karkara area is also famous for its flowers such as Aconitum leucostomum, Anemonastrum protractum, Atragene sibirica, Erigeron aurantiacus, Goniolimon orthocladum, Inula rhizocephala, Iris brevituba, Codonopsis clematidea, Rhodiola coccinea.

After snacks we go further to Karakol city and will accomodate hotel/guesthouse in there. Dinner at the accommodation/national restaurant.

Accommodation: Guest house in Karakol

After breakfast at the accommodation we drive 15 km to the valley of Aksu. We will spend 2 hours hiking in the valley of Aksu on an easy/moderate terrain, having a picnic lunch and then another 2 hours walking and enjoying the nature, mountains and panoramic views. Dinner at the hotel in the evening.
Accommodation: Guest house in Karakol

After breakfast at the accommodation we drive few hours for hiking at the Chon Ashuu pass at the height of  3822 m. We will follow the river until the pass and then down to the Sary-Jaz valley. This is another famous zone of Kyrgyzstan with spectacular flora. The terrain is moderate and after 2 hours hiking we have a picnic lunch on the pass. After lunch we hike 2 more hours and get acquainted with splendid mountain vegetation and fauna. Dinner at the guest house in the evening.

Accommodation: Guest house in Karakol

 Breakfast at the hotel and adive to Jeti Oguz valley taking about 1,5 hours. Hiking, exploring the nature on Jeti Oguz for 2 hours on a moderate terrain. The valley is famous about the red rocks called Djety-Oguz (“Seven bulls”). Picnic lunch at the valley. Driving to Altyn-Arashan canyon for hiking, bird watching and taking photos. Altyn-Arashan gorge (Golden Spring) is located in the upper reaches of the same valley of the Arashan River, located 10 km east of the city of Karakol. After 2 hours walking on a moderate terrain we travel back to the hotel. Arrival at hotel in Karakol city and a dinner.

Accommodation: Guest house in Karakol

Breakfast at the accommodation and check-out. Trip to Barskoon canyon, visiting 4 waterfalls. Barskoon gorge is only 80 km (one hour drive) west from Karakol, at the south coast of Issyk-Kul. The gorge is famous for its waterfalls and the most famous one of them is the Tears of the snow leopards (Bars) Waterfall. In the valley you will see some juniper tree groves and how the spruce forests begin to noticeably thin at an altitude of about 2800 meters. We walk about 4 hours in total at this canyon with moderate (in some locations hard) terrain and at the noon we have a picnic lunch at the canyon. We stop for the night in a yurt camp. Dinner by a bonfire, under the stars.

Accommodation: Yurt camp

Driving to the Skazka (Fairytale) canyon after breakfast and hiking 2 hours at the valley (moderate terrain). The grasslands around Skazka canyon are full of Alpine flowers (spring time) and Edelweiss. After picnic lunch travelling to the Dead Lake (salt lake), swimming. Overnight at the Yurt camp in Tort-kul. Dinner by the fire, under the stars.

Accommodation: Yurt camp

After a good breakfast we drive to a summer pasture, which is located between the mountains. There are no trees, but lots of edelweiss flowers. It is also a wonderful area for trying horseback riding. After lunch driving from Tort-Kul to Bishkek. Possibilities for a sightseeing tour and/or a guided shopping tour in Bishkek. Dinner at the Supara restaurant in Bishkek.

Accommodation: Hotel in Bishkek

Early in the morning, we bring you to the Manas airport for departure.



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