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12 days Cooking tour in Kyrgyzstan

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Traditional and national cuisine is one of the interesting themes to explore during traveling in another country. We invite you to taste traditional food in Kyrgyzstan, try to cook it together with local hostess and share the recipes. That would be a new challenge to bake bread – Kyrgyz Nan, pull home-made noodles for Lagman and chop meat for Beshbarmak.  However, modern Kyrgyz food is a mixture of traditional, Central Asian, Russian and Western Cuisine. In addition, during traveling in Kyrgyzstan, you would enjoy nature, light treks and horseback riding as well as Kyrgyz Hospitality.

  • Traditional food
  • Breathtaking Alpine Lakes
  • Picturesque Gorges
  • Nature hikes
  • Market visits
  • Experience the local culture
Kyrgyzstan cooking tour
Boiled mutton fat pilaf

Tour Itinerary

Arrival to Bishkek early in the morning, meeting with Kyrgyz guide and driver, transfer to hotel for rest and buffet breakfast. After, city tour of Bishkek.  Visit to Osh market, it is the most popular bazaar among the locals. One can buy here anything he wants. It is so called Kyrgyz supermarket.

In the afternoon, we will visit Ala-Archa Nature Park. For dinner, we will visit Dungan family. Overnight in the hotel.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: 800 meters in Bishkek)

(Meal B/L/D)

Breakfast. Then, transfer to Kyzyl- OI village. Upon arrival, dinner and accommodation in CBT family. CBT is a Kyrgyz-Swiss project – community-based tourism that trained locals to provide the accommodation for tourists. The association’s objective is to improve living conditions in remote mountain regions, by developing a sustainable and wholesome ecotourism model, that utilizes local natural and recreational resources.  Located in the capital of Bishkek, KCBTA is an umbrella association uniting 15 diverse destination communities (“CBT groups”). The CBT association was registered on January 3, 2003 with support from Helvetas Kyrgyzstan Programme’s Community Based Tourism Support Project (CBT SP) with operations throughout the country. 

Evening cooking master class of preparing Kyrgyz National Dish called – “Kuurdak”.

Level of accommodation is very simple; the rooms are cozy and clean.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: 800 meters in Bishkek, 1800 m in Kyzyl-Oi )

(Meal B/L/D)

After breakfast, in the family transfer to Son-Kul Lake, that is the second largest mountainous lake in the world on the altitude of 3015 meters above the sea level. Road goes over Kara Keche pass. Local people live and graze their livestock on the meadows (jailoo) around the lake, from June till September. You will taste the wilderness and freedom of nomadic life here. It will be possible to taste the Kyrgyz traditional drink – kymyz (fermented mare’s milk). Picnic for lunch, on the way. Late afternoon, cooking class of preparing Kyrgyz National dish called – “Beshbarmak”. Dinner and overnight in yurt camp (3015m above sea level), organized by women group from Kyz-Art village and succefully leaded during last years.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: 3030 m in Song-Kul)

(Meal B/L/D)

Breakfast. Transfer to the Kochkor village. The road goes over the Kalmak Ashu pass (3447 m).  Lunch in Kochkor. Visiting woman group, who is producing traditional nomad’s carpets from the felt which call “Shiyrdak’” and “Ala Kiiz”. This coorepative is called Altyn – Kol.  In the spring of 1998, more than 200 women formed Altyn Kol, an NGO with the aim of generating income by producing and selling felt carpets and defending the interests of private felt carpet producers. Soon, other producers became interested. Despite the success, each shyrdak produced by Altyn Kol remains a unique thing. It is designed and prepared individually, using the indigenous knowledge Kyrgyz of patterns, symbols, coloring and sewing techniques. When making a shyrdak, the women act together, keeping carpet production as a social and economic role in their lives.

Cooking class of “manty” at Family guesthouse. Dinner and overnight in the Family guesthouse.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: 1600 m in Kochkor)

(Meal B/L/D)

After breakfast, transfer to the southern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake. On the way, we will stop in Kyzyl-Tuu village. Here, the local craftsmen are producing the wooden parts of the yurts. We will see the process. Optionally, we can stop in Bokonbaevo village, meet the eagle hunter and he will show us the hunting with eagles. Transfer to Fairy Tale Canyon. The canyon received its name from its incredible sandstone rock formations, that will make you feel like you’ve entered a fairy tale.  Visitors will see formations, that resemble the Great Wall of China, a hippopotamus, a sleeping giant, a snake, a castle, a dragon, and more. 

Not only shapes inside Fairy Tale Canyon are unique, but the colors of the rocks are varied and rich. It’s an excellent destination for photography enthusiasts, families on vacation, and hikers. Do a hike. Continue drive to Tamga village. Dinner and accommodation in the yurt camp. (4 people accommodation in a yurt, shared European style toilet and shower cabins near each yurt). The yurt camp was built in the context of developing and improving touristic sustainable sector in one of the villages of southern shore of Issyk- Kul Lake.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: 1670 m in Tamga)

(Meal B/L/D)

After breakfast, transfer to the famous gorge – called Jety Oguz with its red rock formation (Seven Bulls and Broken Heart”. Upon arrival, you can have a walk to the waterfall or inside the Gorge. Dinner and overnight in the yurt camp in the forest. For additional payment, it is possible to show how local people cook grilled lamb.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: 2200 m in Jeti-Oguz)

(Meal B/L/D)

After breakfast, transfer to Tepke via Karakol. Upon arrival to Karakol, city tour with visiting Russian Orthodox Church, Muslim Mosque in Dungan style. Lunch in Uighur family, with cooking class of preparing “Lagman”. Later, continue drive to Tepke. Here is the farm that was organized by Minister of Agriculture, he breeds the real Kyrgyz horses and can present horses and tell us about his life during the dinner. During the dinner it will be the tea ceremony, when you have time to taste from different herbs from the fields and mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Overnight in the guesthouse, on the territory of the farm.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: 1700 m in Tepke)

(Meal B/L/D)

Breakfast. Today, we will drive to the northern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake, that is considered to be the second largest mountainous lake in the world, on the altitude of 1607 meters above the sea level. We call the lake “the pearl” of Kyrgyzstan.

Later transfer to the lake, we will have 1 hour boat excursion in the lake. Also, visit to Open Air Museum of Petroglyphs – stone inscriptions. Optionally, visit Ruh Ordo Cultural Complex.

For the dinner and overnight, we will drive to the hotel that is situated on the shore of the lake with the private beach.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: 1670 meters in Cholpon-Ata)

(Meal B/L/D)

After breakfast, transfer to Chon-Kemin Nature Park.

Transfer to Chon-Kemin, upon arrival have a walk in the nearest gorge. Together with the cook of the guesthouse we will see the process of bread baking.

Dinner and overnight in the guesthouse.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: 1600 meters in Bishkek)

(Meal B/L/D)

After breakfast, transfer to Bishkek. On the way, we will stop not far from Tokmok town (60 km) and have excursion to Burana Tower, a place on the Great Silk Road dated to 11th century. 

Farewell dinner in the local restaurant with folklore music. Overnight in the hotel.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: 800 meters in Bishkek)

(Meal B/L/D)

After breakfast transfer to airport.

(Meal B/-/-)

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